Sustainability Planning

A successful Sustainability Plan requires participation and buy-in from as many levels in your business as possible.  One person can write a plan, but its success is determined by acceptance from the workforce, management and corporate boards.  It is our hope that addressing sustainability issues will become embedded as part of your corporate culture.

Again, we emphasis that Sustainability is not a static ‘Plan’, but it is a journey, in need of constant renewal, review, modification, and measurement. In this chapter we have articles and documents that explain this process further.

The Tools:

Creating a Sustainability Plan

Author: NYS Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I): This is a PowerPoint presentation outlining steps to create a plan in your business.

Sustainability Plan Development Worksheet    

Author: NYS Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2): This Worksheet will assist you to formulate your vision, mission and purpose of a plan, as well as identifying the key stakeholders in company that you will need input and/or approval from.

Sustainability Plan Template

Author: WNYSBR: Every Sustainability Plan will have a different format and have a different focus. How you are going to use your plan and who is going to see it, will determine its best format. The WNYSBR provides a sample template to make sure your plan covers all essential elements.

How to Build a Green Team     

A good description of creating a Green Team, its purpose and membership.

Green Team Checklist – EnergyStar      

A quick checklist of encouraging tips that may help you create or implement your sustainability plan.

Story Telling Outline

Author: WNYSBRStorytelling Exercise: The story of your company’s sustainability journey is important in helping to create buy-in and engaging others in your strategy and action plan. Create a two-minute “elevator” speech describing your company’s sustainability purpose and plan.  

Business Case Builder

A concise website that outlines steps to evaluate products and initiatives as they relate to issues such as reputation, risk, and sales (among others).

Examples from Members:

Rich Products Sustainability Planning PowerPoint

Author; Deb Gondek, Rich Products: This PowerPoint presentation given by Deb Gondek, Sustainability Director for Rich Products, describes their efforts to create a sustainability plan. If you would like more information from Rich Products, post your question below; posts are only made public with your permission.