Metrics and Materiality

An essential part of any Sustainability Plan is metrics – a methodology of measuring and reporting results.  As a company strives to reduce its environmental impacts, meaningful metrics are essential to evaluate progress.

Materiality refers to a business identifying and reporting on those sustainability issues that cause the most significant economic, environmental and social impact.

The resources below will assist your business as you address Materiality and Metrics in your sustainability Plan.

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The WNYSBR Metrics Reporting Tool unveiled!

The WNYSBR is asking its members to fill out a metrics form to capture our businesses’ collective work to improve the environment in our region.

We are asking our members to fill the excel worksheet out annually, so that we can consolidate them into a report for granting agencies, as well as assist in securing future funding.

The metrics form calculates differences from year to year in the 4 areas covered by the WNYSBR pledge.  We are using 2014 as the baseline year for the WNYSBR whenever possible.

There is a sheet to report on individual project summaries your company has implemented over the last year. Please enter as many of these projects that you feel important to your project.

Finally, the Reporting Tool allows you to enter the methodology you used to gather the data. Keeping this information as part of the of you metrics well help you keep the data consistent year-to-year.



WNYSBR Metrics Reporting Tool

This is the Excel workbook we ask our members to fill out and submit.

The WNYSBR emphasizes its members’ metrics are collected with strict confidentiality.  Individual business metrics are combined with those of the other member businesses and used only in statistical analysis.  Results are reported only in aggregate such that individual business data cannot be ascertained.

Reporting Tool explained.ppt

This PowerPoint presentation outlines what the Reporting Tool is and how it is used to measure sustainability practices.

Materiality /Measuring What Matters.ppt

This PowerPoint presentation describes issues and implementation techniques that may be useful for your company’s Sustainability Plan.

Examples from Members:

Perry’s Water Metrics presentation.ppt

Perry’s ice Cream presentation at the November WNYSBR 2014 Metrics Meeting focusing on H2O metrics and incorporating these metrics into their sustainability plan.

Greif, Inc. Metrics Presentation.ppt

Greif is a large manufacturer in WNY that utilizes large quantities of paper fiber, metals, and water in its operations. Take-aways from this presentation include: frequency of measurement; intensity – energy per finished product, per employee or per square ft.; and presentation design of Metrics reporting.

Ecology and Environment, Inc. Regional Sustainability Metrics.ppt

This presentation contains consumption numbers on a variety elements used within our region. Also listed are several conversion tools to help assess one’s Green House Gas (GHG) footprint. This regional data structure can be useful to the Roundtable as we have to add our individual efforts together in order to significantly contribute positively to the environment.