A company can only be as successful as the community that surround them and the people that work for them. As part of any Sustainability plan, your company must show concern and take leadership roles the customers and the communities it serves. Set goals and initiate programs that support key educational and economic development initiatives and actively incorporate environmentally sound practices while doing so.

For example:


My company actively and purposefully helps to define needs, set direction and initiate meaningful change around community / societal issues.


My company plans its community involvement and leverages its capacities and strengths to deliver meaningful value to society and to the business.


My company engages all facets of the business to contribute to and realize the benefit from community involvement.


My company consistently provides the resources and support needed to ensure the successful execution of its community involvement strategy.

Performance Management

My company assesses the effectiveness and impact of its community involvement and uses the results for continuous improvement.


My company actively and openly communicates in order to inform, influence and engage internal and external stakeholders.

Community Relationships

My company engages and collaborates with external stakeholders to advance its community involvement strategy.

Sustainability Metrics

In this day especially, companies are experiencing an increased demand for transparency and corporate responsibility. The customer expectation is high for companies across the board to be responsible and supportive of communities. The Roundtable’s Sustainability Metrics spreadsheet allows you to track your community involvement based on number of corporate hours spent volunteering. Also in the spreadsheet are areas to indicate which organizations you volunteer with, donate to, or other ways your company pursues community engagement and activism.