MAY 5 & 6, 2 – 5 PM

Make it Your Business – Harness the Power of the SDG’s

We live in complex and disruptive times – perhaps more than at any other time in modern history. If only there were a framework that business could leverage to address our global challenges while also providing a roadmap for increased economic success of our businesses, people, customers and planet… We have good news for you! The 2021 Summit will introduce the framework of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s); what they are, why you should care and how the SDG’s can create value when they are used as a strategic north star in guiding direction and sustainability work.

The 2021 Sustainable Business Summit is where sustainability professionals will connect in a powerful virtual format. It’s the place to gain critical industry insights on a range of relevant sustainability topics, meet with industry leaders and share insights in smaller groups with facilitated networking discussions. This isn’t just another Zoom call. Remo, the digital conference platform for the 2021 Summit, is about interaction. Join us to listen, learn and exchange ideas on sustainability trends and the changes your business faces. Get inspired, more connected and better equipped to make meaningful progress during this decade of action!

  Why Attend?

·   Connect and meet with national, regional and local sustainability leaders.

·   Gain critical industry insights from our keynote panelists, moderators, organizers, and summit sponsors.

·   Network with peers and meet potential new business partners.

·   No travel, less costs and more sustainable – reduce your carbon footprint by joining us from the location of your choice! 


Keynote Interview & Panels

Keynote Interview: What are the SDG’s & How Do They Align To Advance Business? 

An interview and discussion with Dr. Aniket Shah (Jefferies), moderated by Ryan McPherson (University at Buffalo). This discussion will provide a big picture overview of what the SDGs are and how they can  enhance your business case and advance buy-in internally, and in particular how small and medium sized companies can approach the SDG framework. 

Keynote Panel I: Why You Should Care: the SDG’s and Sustainability Metrics Are Driving Businesses’ Future Growth

While the SDG’s frame our collective pathway to the future, they are more than simply a list of the “right things to do.”  The Global Goals are driving consumer demand, supply chain requirements and investor pressure.  As one of our SBR manufacturing members recently stated, “if you’re not paying attention to the SDG’s, prepare to become irrelevant.”

This session will focus on understanding why integrating the SDG’s are vital to advancing your business case.  A new generation of consumers (Millennials and Gen Z) are demanding purpose in their products (and they represent 65% of the market!), investors are moving to reduce risk and avoid the liability that comes with “business as usual,” and businesses are increasing sustainability requirements and metrics in their supply chain to build resilience.   In short, the market is changing and the SDG’s present a clear pathway for business to not only adapt but thrive in this new environment.

Panelists: Paul Hilton (Trillium Asset Management),  Sheila Davis (Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition) & Steve Bell (Steve Bell Communications). Moderator: Alexandra McPherson (Niagara Share) 

Keynote Panel II: Acquiring & Retaining Talent by Driving Empowerment, Equity and Human Capital through the SDG’s 

At their core, the SDG’s are centered around people and our ability to build the future we seek.  Likewise, business is both built and fueled by human capital.  Six of the SDG’s–reducing inequalities, good health and well-being, eradicating poverty, gender equality and ending poverty–are specifically targeted towards the “people” part of the triple bottom line work that sustainable business work to advance every day.

This panel will focus on the business imperative for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and how developing an inclusive culture and engaging employees in impact work increases employee efficiency, retention and greatly advances the recruitment of sought after new talent.

Panelists: Dave Rapaport (Ben & Jerry’s), Glenn Jackson (M&T Bank) & John Somers (Harmac Medical Products). Moderator: Nira Johri (Rich Products)

Keynote Panel III: Innovation, growth and furthering economic success through the Global Goals


Challenges (and we have a lot of them) create opportunity and building back in a more inclusive, greener and sustainable fashion is key to achieving our collective vision of the future.  Seven of the SDG’s–clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and climate action–focus on this opportunity and create pathways for what future growth or business evolution can look like.

In addition, a recent report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission revealed that sustainable business models related to the SDG’s could open economic opportunities worth up to $12 trillion and increase employment by up to 380 million new jobs by 2030.  This panel discussion will focus on the economic opportunity the SDG’s present  and what companies are already integrating the Global Goals into their approach to capture greater market share and increase quality job growth.

Panelists: Jon Powers (Clean Capital), Hadar Borden (BlackStone) & Paul Tyno (NOCO Energy). Moderator: Denielle Harrison (Business for Social Responsibility)

Keynote Speakers & Moderators

John Somers

President & CEO
Harmac Medical Products

Jon Powers

Co Founder


Ryan McPherson

Chief Sustainability Officer
University at Buffalo

Nira Johri

Sustainability Director
Rich Products

Denielle Harrison 

Manager, BSR
Business for Social Responsibility

Dave Rapaport

Global Social Mission Officer
Ben & Jerry’s

Paul Tyno

AVP Sustainability Technologies

NOCO Energy

Hadar Borden

Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars

Glenn Jackson

Chief Diversity Officer

M&T Bank

Alexandra McPherson


Niagara Share


Kris Ann Bolt

Board President

WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

Cheri Peele

Program Manager
Clean Production Action

Paul Hilton

Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst

Trillium Asset Management

Steve Bell

Managing Partner

Steve Bell Communications 


Aniket Shah

Global Head of Sustainability Research


Sheila Davis

Executive Director
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

The Program



3 Keynote Panels & 1 interview with national sustainability leaders


4 networking opportunities with 4 raffles & happy hour “Meet the Winners”


Celebrate the Recognition Winners incl the 2021 Eric Lindstrom Sustainability Star


The Sponsors

Visionary Leaders

Scholarship Sponsor

Change Agents


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