September 22 & 23, 2-5 PM

A Virtual Event Experience

Thanks to everyone who participated in Summit Reimagined!

We had over 160 registered participants and with our virtual format were able to greatly reduce our environmental footprint.  The keynote panel recordings are now available! Catch up on those you missed or re-watch content on Supply Chain, Regeneration, Climate Leadership and People!

On Day 1, we learned about solar roof production in Buffalo, WNY Clean Production Leaders and much more. National business leaders expressed how driving past sustainability towards “net positive” should be our goal. On Day 2, we covered a wide range of topics including a robust conversation focused on dynamic companies who are leveraging climate change as an opportunity to grow and expand their businesses.  In addition, the local business leaders on the “People Panel” had an insightful & honest discussion about the implications of COVID-19, collaborations for diversity, equity & inclusion and the importance of active listening.  Read about our keynote panelists  & speakers below, and click on their names or photos to check out their LinkedIn profiles. 


Our Keynote Plenaries

Supply Chain Resiliency – Why, What and How?

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated an existing weakness across supply chain
vulnerabilities. This panel will focus on how to create more resilient relationships with suppliers that move beyond transactions and instead rest on the stability of transformational relationships between partners. Leaders  will focus on their experience in leveraging different tools – like the data driven Green Screen for Safer Chemicals – to decrease liability and increase worker safety while moving forward in an ever-changing world.

Confirmed Keynote Panelists:  Victoria Oster @ TESLA,  Pamela Brody Heine @ Clean Electronics Production Network & Charles Ruffing @ NYSP2I. Moderator: Alexandra McPherson @ Niagara Share

Moving towards a future of Regeneration, Innovation & Net Positive Impact

The ongoing pandemic has reminded us all of the importance to act on what is
good for “we” rather than just “me”. Some call for a new vision of the future post COVID-19
driven by what we want rather than what we want to avoid, and what we aspire to rather than what we seek to prevent. Businesses have impacts on the environment and society and some are negative, some positive. For a company to be net positive, the latter needs to outweigh the former. The goal of this panel discussion is to explore ways to utilize best practices to move beyond simply “less bad” and instead create something truly regenerative.

Confirmed Keynote Panelists: Martin Wolf @ Seventh Generation,  Shayna Harris @ Shayna Harris Consulting, Andrew Watterson @ GOJO (maker of Purell). Moderator: Ryan McPherson @ University at Buffalo

Climate Leadership, Action & Resilience in a post-COVID world

New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), enacted earlier this year, sets the state on a path to achieve carbon neutrality over the next two
decades. The aggressive and necessary legislation was a challenge prior to Covid and now implementation needs to be thought about within the context of our new economic reality.
But climate and covid crisisis also present business opportunities and new emerging markets which can be leveraged. This panel discussion will explore why now is the perfect time to make the needed shift in our carbon use and how community solutions can be at the forefront of needed action.

Confirmed Keynote Panelists: Scott Scheffler @ MOOG, Dennis Elsenbeck @ Phillips Lytle / Viridi Parente & Riva Krut @ Linde plc. Moderator: Maureen Leddy @ NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The value of People and Leadership during uncertain times – how to navigate towards what’s next?


Empowering all of human capital is at the heart of any successful sustainability strategy, but all too often the “Planet” and “Profit” focus of the triple bottom line suck up all the oxygen. This panel will focus on a business’s most important asset—it’s people and how they can be leveraged as true partners in achieving the companies existing goals. In this time of instability fueled by the pandemic to the rightful re-evaluation we are doing in regards to equity and fairness across our society, join these key business leaders as they discuss key strategies and lessons learned that have resulted in building a more resilient, sustainable and just business model.

Confirmed Keynote Panelists:  Zandra Cunningham @ Zandra Beauty, Bill Gisel @ Rich Products, Steve Davis @ Tapecon. Moderator: Nira Johri @ Rich’s

Our Keynote Panelists & Moderators

Martin Wolf

Director of Sustainability & Authenticity
Seventh Generation Inc.

Bill Gisel

Executive Vice Chairman
Rich Products


Andrew Watterson

Sustainable Value VP
GOJO Industries
(maker  of Purell)

Maureen Leddy

Director of the Office of Climate Change
 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Nira Johri

Sustainability Director
Rich Products

Shayna Harris

Shayna Harris Consulting

Steve Davis


Tapecon Inc.

Dennis Elsenbeck

President of Viridi Parente
& Head of Energy and Sustainability, Energy Consulting Services
Phillips Lytle LLP

Ryan McPherson

Chief Sustainability Officer

University at Buffalo

Victoria Oster

Global Lead Environmental Affairs & EHS Management Systems



Scott Scheffler

 Manager, Business Development Growth & Innovation

Moog Inc.

Alexandra McPherson

Niagara Share

Charles Ruffing



Riva Krut

VP and Chief Sustainability Officer

Linde plc


Zandra Cunningham


Zandra Beuty

Pamela Brody Heine

Clean Electronic Production Network

Our Session Speakers

Antonio Quiñones-Rivera

Product Safety and Sustainability Senior Manager
GOJO Industries

Kim Bawden

Senior Pollution Prevention Engineer


Mary Sennett

Quality & Compliance Manager
Tapecon Inc

Cheri Peele

Program Manager
Clean Production Action

Bobbi Wilding

Deputy Director
Clean & Healthy New York

Asa Guilamo

Executive Director
WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

Norman Chudy Jr

Sales Support Manager
Chudy Paper

Kathleen Maiolo

 Account Executive 


Tiffany Bartz

EHS Manager
Tapecon / OSEA

Kris Ann Bolt

SBR President & Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Harmac Medical Products

The Program



4 Keynote Panels with national sustainability leaders


4 networking opportunities & happy hour “Meet the Winners”


Discover and choose from our smorgasbord of pre-recorded sessions


Celebrate the Recognition Winners incl the 2020 Eric Lindstrom Sustainability Star



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